10 Best And Worst Celebrity Coachella Fashion Looks

10 Celebrity festival fashion outfits you need to see.

There are a lot of great fashion opportunities throughout the year, but one we look forward to is the annual Coachella festival. Sure, it’s about art and music, but it also has a very specific aesthetic that gives celebs a chance to play with their outfits. We’ll show you some of the best looks we’ve seen, and some that are just the worst. Alexa Chung’s outfit may have set her back a pretty penny, but it was worth it because she looked stunning. While Vanessa Hudgens loves Coachella, she misses the mark when it comes to her clothing more often than not. We can always count on Rihanna to be a little bit extra, and her Coachella clothes are no exception. Let us know which looks you loved, and which you weren’t a fan of in the comment section. To learn more about the latest fashion trends, be sure you’re subscribed to TheTalko for more great videos.

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  1. Funny because the “worst dressed” is what You should actually at a festival and the “best dressed” I just isn’t a festival outfit (apart from Rihanna she’s queen)

  2. disagree with all of them,Vanessa is the Coachella queen…the bests in this video are not made for Coachella they are way too nice and not colorful.

  3. this video is messed up in a lot of ways. I think you should be allowed to wear what you want, not what others want.

  4. You just chose a load of really basic looks for the "best" looks, they're not impressive at all, Poppy's look was literally just a white t-shirt and shorts. (RIhanna is the exception, obviously, her look was amazing)

  5. Lmfao who cares. There are better things to focus on in life than clothing competitions. This channel is trash

  6. Not to be a hater but, they are just normal people who want to have fun and not be judge for what they are wearing.

  7. Why do you have to send so much hate out? You obviously don’t understand the concept of music festivals as you can dress however you want and express yourself however you want and no one should be judged for it. This channel is so judgemental towards people who are just trying to do their own thing. They never asked for anyone’s opinion they just felt comfortable in what they were wearing and then you came along and told them they looked ugly. This is disgusting and mean behaviour.

  8. I'm sorry but what a arsehole video! Who gives a crap what anyone wears if they like it and feel comfortable and I was so fed up of hearing the sentence 'it's not fashionable' and…….not everyone wants to follow ever god damn fashion that is about…this best and worst dress really irritates me what are teaching our children…that it's acceptable to judge and have a loud say on what someone else wears? Hell no people can wear what the hell they feel comfortable if they think they rock it then leave them to rock their own god damn outfit the shade in this video is disgusting as woman and decent humans we should be building women up and telling them wear what ever you want to wear if you want to wear a baggy dress that does not cling to all of YOUR body then bloody well do it I'm sorry but bad form this video is totally disgusting

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